Annual Report and Sustainability Report 2020


Framework for the preparation of the Sustainability Report

White Paper no. 8 (2019-2020) The Norwegian State’s direct ownership of companies – Sustainable development

White Paper no. 27 (2013–2014) Diverse and value-creating ownership

The Norwegian state owns 50.004 per cent of the shares in KONGSBERG. The State’s ownership share is managed by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries. We have defined the contents of the report to ensure compliance with the White Papers.

Global Compact 

KONGSBERG acceded to the UN Global Compact initiative in 2006. It requires that we annually report our activities and results related to the human rights, employee rights, environment and anti-corruption principles stated in the initiative. The Group’s report on sustainability serves as such report – a COP (Communication on Progress). More information about Global Compact can be found at

Global reporting initiative (GRI)

We use GRI Standards for voluntary reporting of sustainable development. The guidelines include financial, environmental and social dimensions related to the organisation and is the leading global initiative in this area.

For 2020, we have strived to report according to the material analysis conducted in the last quarter of 2019. This is described in detail under ”Sustainability and ESG strategy and priority”.

Our reporting is in our opinion, on the whole, in accordance with the GRI Reporting Principles. GRI applies a classification that shows to what extent a company uses GRI’s definitions and disclosure requirements, namely Core or Comprehensive. KONGSBERG has decided to report on Core level.

On our website, under, there is an index showing the GRI standards and indicators that are reported and where the information is found in the company’s Annual Report and Sustainability Report. More information about GRI can be found at

The Norwegian Accounting Act

The Norwegian Accounting Act requires that large enterprises report on corporate social responsibility in the Directors’ report or in a separate report. The report must include information about human rights, employee rights and social conditions, the environment and anti-corruption work.

In our opinion, the Sustainability Report for 2020 fulfils these requirements

Euronext guidelines for ESG reporting as from 2020

Our reporting is in our opinion, on the whole, in accordance with Euronext’s (Oslo Stock Exchange) guidance. This guidance was based on the GRI Sustainability Reporting Guidelines. The Guidelines describe the expectations for conducting materiality assessment, corporate governance, communication and yearly update.


Deliberations by the Management and Board

The Group’s report on sustainability is processed and approved by the Corporate Executive Management and the Board.

External verification

The Sustainability Report is verified by a third party, the audit firm Deloitte. See auditor’s statement for 2020.

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