Annual Report and Sustainability Report 2021


Our vision and our values

Our vision

We have a strong, value-based culture that drives our business performance. Our vision defines our direction and what we are striving to achieve.

WORLD CLASS – through people, technology and dedication

Our values

Our values comprises four words describing the KONGSBERG identity and the kind of conduct we would like to see characterise us as individuals and as an organisation.

At KONGSBERG values are regarded as an integral part of business operations and we expect all to live up to the prevailing standards.


What we start, we finish. We don’t give in.

We are known for our drive and persistence. We work hard to support our customers’ missions and to meet our stakeholders’ expectations. We set ambitious goals where our purpose is to make a difference for people and the planet.


We relentlessly pursue improvements, new ideas and new solutions.

We have been an industrial pioneer for more than 200 years. On our journey we have always pursued improvements and redefined the standard of excellence in everything we do. We are dynamic by heart and being curious lies in our very core. We constantly strive to create value for our customers, shareholders and the society at large by pushing the boundaries of what is possible. 


We collaborate as individuals and as an organisation.

Our collaborative and inclusive behaviour is fundamental to our business. We work closely with our customers and share knowledge with our colleagues, suppliers and partners across the globe – to the benefit of our customers and our own competitiveness. Our people are our most valued asset and we pride ourselves to attract and develop world class employees. We are ONE KONGSBERG – making the impossible possible by performing together. 


We are reliable people. We are responsible citizens.

Our customers and partners can trust us to deliver – always. We are an organisation characterised by our corporate responsibility, integrity, and concern for health, safety and the environment. We are part of the solution – proudly creating products for a safer and more sustainable future.

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