Annual Report and Sustainability Report 2021


KONGSBERG has a strong focus on quality management and continuous improvement

Organisation and Management Systems

KONGSBERG’s governance model is closely linked to “the Norwegian Code of Practice for Corporate Governance”. The following is an overview of the governance model and organisation related to sustainability and corporate social responsibility.


    The Annual General Meeting (AGM) is the Group’s supreme governing body. Here, the shareholders can influence how sustainability and corporate social responsibility are practised at KONGSBERG.


    The Board decides in all significant matters and has overall responsibility for the strategy and management of the company. The Board adopts the Group’s Code of Ethics and Business Conduct and Strategy for Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility, and the Sustainability Report is reviewed and approved by the Board.


    Corporate Executive Management holds the ultimate responsibility for the Group’s strategy, development and operational management. The Chief Executive Officer is responsible for ensuring that the content of the Group’s Strategy for Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility is monitored, complied with and integrated into the Group’s ordinary strategic planning.

Business areas

The business areas are responsible for follow-up and compliance with policy, goals and governance documents related to sustainability and corporate social responsibility. The practical aspects of the work are usually handled by the business areas, with support from the corporate staff.

Ethics Committee

The Group’s Ethics Committee aims to help raise ethical awareness, ensuring good behaviour and KONGSBERG’s good reputation. In the first instance, the Committee shall address matters of principle and questions related to policies and provisions. The composition of the Ethics Committee is subject to Board approval.

Forum for responsible business conduct

The Forum is a link between the business areas, the corporate staff and Corporate Executive Management on questions related to business ethics, compliance, sustainability and corporate social responsibility. Its main responsibility is to help promote, further develop and coordinate the Group’s efforts in this field.

Quality management

KONGSBERG has a strong focus on quality management and continuous improvement. Our quality management systems control all our activities in order to deliver products and services that meet customer’s quality requirements. All business areas have integrated management systems that cover relevant topics such as quality, outer surroundings, health, safety and environment, compliance, sustainability, corporate social responsibility and information security. Our quality management addresses both quality in projects and products and includes quality planning, quality assurance, quality control and continuous improvement. KONGSBERG’s management system ensures efficient operations and that products are delivered according to the goals and requirements concerning time, cost and performance. Systematic internal quality audits are carried out in the entire value chain.

Business areas have the following certifications

KDA is certified according to AS9100, ISO9001, AQAP2110, AQAP2210, ISO14001 and ISO27001.

KM and KDI are certified according to ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO 45001 (replaces OHSAS18001) and ISO27001.

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