Annual Report and Sustainability Report 2020


Next Generation Solutions

Kongsberg Digital

Kongsberg Digital (KDI) was established in 2016 to deliver next-generation software and digital solutions to customers in the maritime, oil and gas and renewable energy sectors. KDI possesses leading domain and digital expertise in areas which support increased automation and autonomous operations in the industry.

"An important year for Kongsberg Digital"

Hege Skryseth – President, Kongsberg Digital

Vessel Insight and Maritime Digital Ecosystem

Given KONGSBERG’s extensive maritime footprint, it is natural that the Group is aiming to create a standardised ship-to-cloud infrastructure and establish a digital ecosystem for the maritime sector. The infrastructure is called Vessel Insight and is based on Kognifai.

In addition to being a data infrastructure, Vessel Insight gives access to an ecosystem of applications and solutions in order to create value. Collectively, Vessel Insight enables customers to connect ships, retrieve data for use in analyses, and develop or download value-creating applications on top.

Kognitwin Energy – Dynamic Digital Twin for heavy asset industries

A digital twin is a digital replica of processes and devices that facilitates insight and coordination across disciplines and levels linked to the operation of an industrial facility. Advanced digital twins, such as the market-leading Kognitwin Energy, also contain solutions which enable substantial reductions in operating costs, improvement and streamlining of work processes and increased production of oil and gas. Our accurate flow and process simulators, combined with dynamic data from the automation systems, in what is known as “hybrid analytics”, enable the ongoing automatic testing of different operating scenarios, accident and incident prediction and production optimisation. Kognitwin Energy enables the automation of processes, the remote control of complex installations and a higher degree of autonomy in process control systems.

KDI entered into an international framework contract to supply digital twin solutions, Kognitwin Energy, with Shell Global Solutions.

Sitecom – Remote Drilling Operation for Oil & Gas

In Sitecom, KDI supplies a software product for data acquisition and the visualisation of drilling operations in real time, as well as applications for operations analysis and advanced decision support. KDI also supplies solutions that increase production efficiency using real-time simulators for design, multi-phase flow and operator training. These systems collectively offer drilling operators much improved well safety and greater efficiency during the drilling process.

Power Grid Optimization

In the energy sector, we are working with many major stakeholders in the industry to develop a dynamic digital twin and smart grid functionality for the distribution network operators. KDI uses dynamic physical models, data-driven analyses and virtual sensors in order to provide the distribution network operators with suitable tools for accurate load predictions, decision support concerning grid balancing, and advice regarding possible improvements for improved utilisation and flexibility in the distribution network.

Maritime Simulation

KDI offers market-leading simulator solutions which ensure the authentic and thorough training of personnel and students in the maritime, marine and offshore markets. This part of the business has faced a challenging year as a result of COVID-19 and the closure of education and training establishments.

The simulator solutions are also used for verification and  decision support, for example, in preliminary studies and research projects within design, security and cost optimisation, as well as in the development of autonomous vessels and maritime digital twins.


essel Insight collects and structures data from ships and provides access to applications that create value for the crew, ship operator and owner.

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