Annual Report and Sustainability Report 2020


Technology for a greener ocean space

Kongsberg Maritime

Kongsberg Maritime (KM) develops and supplies technology which is helping to realise sustainable management of the ocean space. The market lies within traditional merchant vessels and fishing vessels, offshore and research vessels, as well as advanced offshore installations linked to aquaculture, wind power, and oil and gas.

"Green signals for the future"

Egil Haugsdal – President, Kongsberg Maritime

 With around seven thousand employees and a presence in 34 countries, KM is creating the maritime future with its products and integrated solutions, alongside a world-class service network. Over 30,000 vessels worldwide are fitted with equipment supplied by KM.

2020 has been an exciting year for the collective global maritime industry. KM has been present for its many customers, adapted itself to the consequences of a pandemic and achieved greater profitability. Integration processes following the acquisition of Rolls-Royce Commercial Marine in 2019 have also been high on the agenda.

Integrated Solutions (ISOL)

KM is a leading supplier of products within maritime automation, bridge systems, digital solutions and electrical engineering. We are increasingly focusing on projects where the integration of these, together with products from other divisions within KM, offers unique operational benefits for our customers.

Through digital platforms, applications and ecosystems, we enable vessels and shipping companies to exploit the opportunities that lie in digitalisation for environmentally friendly, efficient and safe operation. The division is also developing the ISOL ship design in cooperation with shipping companies which have demanding requirements regarding efficiency and safety. The aim is to exploit the advantage of being a leading integrator to the benefit of both customers and the environment.

Global Customer Support (GCS)

GCS supports our customers globally through a worldwide network of over a thousand service engineers, technical support, part sales and sales to the after-market. This contributes to fast and competent support wherever the client is, and at all times.

GCS works closely with our customers throughout the lifetime of vessels to ensure cost-effective upgrades, safe operation and environmentally friendly solutions adapted to the vessel’s operating profile.  Our sustainable solutions and services are based on many years of experience of products and systems from bridge to propeller. This encompasses batteries, propulsion, deck machinery, ship design, control systems, dynamic positioning, electrical engineering and energy management. Through KONGSBERG’s digital solutions, we offer support and service without needing to board the vessel. This safeguards the vessel’s uptime and offers environmental benefits too.

From propeller to bridge. Propulsion systems and deck machinery became a new part of KM’s product portfolio in 2019. Alongside the ship’s advanced electrical and control systems, both of these product areas are important environmental factors for vessels. The highlighted elements in the illustration shows KM deliveries for the Norwegian research vessel FF Kronprins Haakon.

Sensors & Robotics

KM’s portfolio of sensors and sensor solutions is key to mapping, monitoring and understand­ing the ocean space. This contributes to the safe and reliable control of vessels operating on and beneath the surface of the sea. The portfolio also includes solutions for communication above and below water. Sensors & Robotics offers a range of robotised platforms, such as the autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) Hugin. Such platforms enable our sensors to reach even the most remote and inaccessible parts of the ocean space.

The division is experiencing growth, and is working on a range of solutions that will offer major environmental benefits. The cooperation with Jotuns Hull Skating Solution is just one example of this. This is an advanced, remotely operated robot for the inspection and preventive cleaning of ships. Cloud-based monitoring and control solutions are also becoming an increasingly important part of the operating systems for our sensors and robotised solutions.

Propulsion & Engines

KM is a world-leading supplier of propulsion systems. The products supplied by Propulsion & Engines fulfil the requirements for performance, cost-effectiveness and sustainability for customers in a global market. With a global delivery chain and production in three Nordic countries, KM has delivered over 25,000 thrusters since it began around 80 years ago, along with 11,000 water jets. Product development takes place in close collaboration with both customers and leading universities. In Sweden, the division has a dedicated hydrodynamic research laboratory.

The product areas are propeller/reduction gears, thrusters, electrical pods and water jets for offshore, trade and defence markets. KM also acts as the sales channel for the renowned medium-speed engines manufactured by Rolls-Royce Bergen Engines.

Deck Machinery & Motion Control (DMMC)

KM offers an extensive range of products and systems within deck machinery, from winches to mooring and anchor handling, to specialised winches and handling systems for offshore, trade, tugs, fisheries, marine vessels and many other types of ships. The products can also be equipped with both hydraulic and electric motors. Safety, sustainability and efficient operation are keywords for product development.

The Motion Control sector has perhaps KONGSBERG’s broadest catchment area in the maritime market. Here, DMMC has a portfolio of steering machines which are suitable for all types and sizes of ships. Another product is stabiliser fins which contribute to safe and pleasant trips.

The digital landscape in the ocean space encompasses ships equipped with autonomous tech­nology, centres for remote operation and monitoring from land, and centresa for data analysis, simulators and the use of digital twins.

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