Annual Report and Sustainability Report 2021


Technology for a greener ocean space

Kongsberg Maritime

Kongsberg Maritime (KM) provides the technology, equipment and services required to operate at sea in the most sustainable way. The market is vast – and covers advanced offshore and research vessels, merchant vessels and large fishing vessels, as well as advanced offshore installations linked to aquaculture, oil and gas, and wind power.

"Future proof maritime operations"

Egil Haugsdal – President, Kongsberg Maritime

KM is present in 34 countries and has approx. 7,000 employees. About 1,500 of these are Field Service Engineers who support customers wherever they are.

With around seven thousand employees and a presence in 34 countries, KM is shaping the maritime future with its products and integrated solutions, alongside a world-class service network. Over 30,000 vessels worldwide are fitted with equipment supplied by KM.

The global pandemic brings uncertainty to the maritime industry, but KM has looked ahead and achieved major ocean technology milestones in 2021. Together with significant market wins which have increased the order book, KM is now well positioned to bring positive environmental impact to the ocean space.

Integrated Solutions (ISOL) – connects everything

KM has a proud legacy of providing market leading and pioneering products within dynamic positioning, propulsion control, automation, bridge systems, electric and digital solutions. When combined with KM’s wider portfolio this forms the basis for a range of unique integrated solutions.

Seamless integration of a broad portfolio of mission critical products and systems creates customer value and represents a sustainable competitive advantage for both KM and its customers. Our Integrated Solutions are developed in collaboration with experienced users and domain specialists providing significant benefits in terms of increased operational efficiency, safety, and sustainability.

There are great gains to be made through digitalization, and for KM the digital dimension represents a key part of our integrated solutions. Based on our digitally enabled products and digital platform we develop advanced product and segment specific applications and digital solutions. The aim is to leverage our digital frontrunner status with the advantage of being a leading integrator.

Global Customer Support (GCS) – the service heroes

GCS supports maritime customers globally through a worldwide network of over a thousand service engineers – combined with technical support, spare parts delivery and upgrades to sailing vessels. This contributes to fast and competent support wherever the client is operating.

GCS works closely with the customers throughout the lifetime of vessels to ensure cost-effective upgrades, safe operation and environmentally friendly solutions adapted to the vessel’s operating profile. Our solutions and services are based on many years of experience with products and systems from bridge to propeller. This encompasses batteries, propulsion, deck machinery, ship design, control systems, dynamic positioning, electrical engineering and energy management. Through KONGSBERG’s digital solutions, we offer support and service also without needing to board the vessel. This safeguards the vessel’s uptime and benefits the environment.

The market for tugs is one of several where KM has succeeded with cross-sales following the acquisition of Kongsberg Maritime in 2019. This leads to a larger scope of delivery per contract.

Propulsion & Engines – provides thrust and power

KM is a world-leading supplier of propulsion systems and empowers a transition to more sustainable solutions. The products supplied by Propulsion & Engines fulfil the requirements for performance, cost-effectiveness, and sustainability for customers in a global market. This happens through cleaner fuels, high efficiency, electrification, wind assisted propulsion, and low noise technologies integrated into our products. With a global delivery chain and production in three Nordic countries. Product development takes place in close collaboration with both customers and leading universities. The division’s technology team encompass international leading experts in the field of hydrodynamics, material technology, and a team dedicated to innovative electrical propulsion using permanent magnets.

The product areas are propellers, rudders, thrusters including electrical POD’s, waterjets as well as complete propulsion and manoeuvring systems for offshore, merchant and defence markets. KM also acts as the sales channel for the renowned medium-speed engines manufactured by Bergen Engines.

Hydrogen is set to be a fuel of the future for many of the ocean’s vessels and it’s a technology in which KONGSBERG is emerging as a global leader. Along with our partners on the EU funded HySeas III project, we have successfully tested a maritime hybrid drive train using hydrogen fuel cells. The next step is installation aboard a Scottish ferry that is under construction.

Sensors & Robotics – understanding the ocean space

KM’s portfolio of sensors and sensor solutions is key to mapping, monitoring and understanding the environmental conditions of the ocean space. This contributes to the safe and reliable control of vessels operating on and beneath the surface of the sea. The portfolio also includes solutions for communication above and below water.

Sensors & Robotics offers a range of robotised platforms, such as the autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) HUGIN. Such platforms enable our sensors to reach even the most remote and inaccessible parts of the ocean space. Another example is Eelume, a co-owned company that offers a disruptive technology for subsea inspection, maintenance and repair (IMR) with the help of a snake robot equipped with sensor technology from KM. Cloud-based monitoring and control solutions are also becoming an increasingly important part of converting the high fidelity data from our sensors into accessible knowledge about the ocean space – knowledge needed in a sustainable ocean economy.

Scientists at the Norwegian Institute of Marine Research (IMR) will soon be harvesting much more high-quality ocean data. Two autonomous underwater vehicles (AUV) and two Sounder unmanned surface vessels (USV) from Kongsberg Maritime will provide a seamless stream of data from various sensors over a digital cloud-based infrastructure system, providing Blue Insight.

Deck Machinery and Motion Control (DMMC) – the efficient handling provider

KM offers an extensive range of products and systems within safety critical deck machinery, from mooring and anchoring winches to anchor handling, specialized winches and handling systems for offshore, merchant, tugs, fisheries, naval vessels and many other types of ships and offshore installations. The products can be equipped with both electric and hydraulic motors, and they have been thoroughly tested to tackle extreme conditions. ‘Safety first’ is a mantra for product development in this division. Efficient and sustainable operations are key drivers in the market.

 The Motion Control products of DMMC have a significant addressable market. Our steering gears are suitable for all types and sizes of ships. Our fin stabilizers contribute to secure cargo, stable naval vessels and safe and pleasant cruise voyages at sea.

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