Annual Report and Sustainability Report 2019


Technology for a greener ocean space

Kongsberg Maritime

Kongsberg Maritime (KM) develops and supplies technology which is helping to realise sustainable management of the ocean space. The business area doubled in size during 2019, after KONGSBERG completed its largest acquisition to date. The market lies within traditional merchant vessels and fishing vessels, and offshore and research vessels, as well as advanced offshore installations linked to aquaculture, and oil and gas.

Acquisition of Rolls-Royce Commercial Marine

April 2019 saw completion of the acquisition of Rolls-Royce Commercial Marine. The two companies had complementary portfolios. With almost twice as many employees and a total of 34 global locations, KM is shaping the maritime future with its products and integrated solutions, along with a world-class service network. Over 30,000 vessels worldwide are fitted with equipment supplied by KM.

Integrated Solutions

KM supplies integrated systems to improve the efficiency of ships. This includes complete system designs, electrical engineering solutions and solutions for integrated maritime automation and navigation, cargo management and sensors. KM’s bridge systems ensure safe manoeuvring, whilst the control and monitoring technology continues to make ships more efficient, smarter and more profitable thanks to reduced fuel consumption, hybrid solutions and automation. KM also has a team of ship designers developing designs for shipping companies with exacting requirements as regards efficiency and safety. We are determined to be at the cutting edge of developments within new technologies and applications, such as autonomy, satellite positioning and hybrid solutions.

Global Customer Support

KM has over a thousand service engineers supporting customers worldwide, wherever they are. A global network of service locations ensures fast and capable support. The aim is to ensure cost-effective service and parts for customers’ vessels. The team is available 24/7, enabling customers to operate efficiently and with minimal down-time. Global Customer Support is also responsible for upgrading and rebuilding existing vessels, and helps to ensure that the existing fleet can cut its operating costs and comply with new environmental requirements. This is being done by installing batteries onboard, e.g. through the replacement or upgrading of propulsion systems tailored to the customer’s operations and vessels. Control systems offer more secure or more efficient operation, while digital solutions offer reduced energy consumption.

Kongsberg Maritime has one of the foremost environments for the development of battery systems for ships and offshore installations.

Sensors & Robotics

KM supplies products and systems for advanced seabed surveys, underwater navigation, sonar equipment, underwater communication and marine robotics (Unmanned Surface Vessel (USV) and Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV)) for research, fisheries and defence vessels and aquaculture installations. Our subsea technology is used within offshore, oil and gas, defence, fisheries and aquaculture, subsea construction and oceanography, and for seabed mapping, surveys and investigations. KM’s products and systems are based on highly innovative, pioneering hydroacoustic technology and sensors, advanced signal processing and specialist expertise in underwater autonomy and robotics.

Propulsion & Engines

KM is a world-leading supplier of propulsion systems, and meets the requirements of customers for performance and cost-effectiveness in many markets. The factories in Norway and Finland have supplied over 10,000 thrusters since inception around 80 years ago, and Sweden and Finland have supplied just as many water jets. Product development takes place in close collaboration with customers and leading universities. The product areas are propellers/reduction gears, thrusters, electric pods and water jets. KM also acts as the sales channel for the renowned medium-speed engines manufactured by Rolls-Royce Bergen Engines.

Deck Machinery & Motion Control

KM’s main product range comprises handling equipment for advanced offshore operations, but the company’s offering also includes standard solutions for deck machinery for merchant and passenger vessels and tugs. Developments have taken place rapidly from the outset, with hydraulic winches to complete system deliveries, and the recent launch of new electric winch motors. The Motion Control area supplies rudders, steering machines and stabilisers, and has perhaps KONGSBERG’s broadest catchment area in the maritime market.

Digitalisation is contributing to more efficient operation of ships. Today, KONGSBERG has various digital solutions for ship monitoring, and the pace of development is high. The KONGSBERG Vessel Performance product is just one specific example. This solution enables both the crew and the operator to make informed decisions which can reduce energy consumption and operating costs, with the added environmental benefits that this brings.

Distribution of revenues*

Per cent
  • Global Customer Support 38 %
  • Sensors & Robotics 19 %
  • Deck Machinery & Motion Control 5 %
  • Propulsion & Engines 14 %
  • Integrated Solutions 24 %

* Inc. consolidated figures for RRCM from the period prior to takeover of the company; Q1 2019

“A sea of opportunities”

Egil Haugsdal – President, Kongsberg Maritime

“A sea of opportunities”

By merging Kongsberg Maritime and Rolls-Royce Commercial Marine, we are positioning ourselves as a strategic supplier of complete solutions for the maritime market. This integration is going to create a sea of opportunities. Not only does the technology become more accessible, but it will also provide more possibilities to integrate systems. This will lead to safer and more efficient installations, as well as giving us greater opportunities to maintain the strong position we already have.

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